Premium Custom Wheels Direct From Japan

Founded back in 1977 in Japan, Work Wheels produce some of the finest wheels in the world and are now a household name within car modifying, drifting, and motorsport racing scenes. Each premium wheel design is painstakingly put together by their in-house experts to ensure you get perfection every time. When it comes to strength, Work Wheels have the advantage over the competition, thanks to a solid rim flange and thicker barrel construction. The end result is strong, accurate, and beautiful wheels produced with the pride and attention you would expect from a company of traditional craft.

Featured Custom Work Wheels

Each and every wheel is made specifically for you. If you want red bolts on a gold wheel face, no problem. Want a huge offset coupled with a different coloured rim and face? Easy. Your imagination is your only limitation. If you're after totally unique, one-off wheels then you've come to the right place.

How Are 3-Piece Wheels Made?

A three-layered unit, consisting of a disc at the centre of an outer and inner barrel, held together with pierce bolts. Constructed using different materials and manufacturing processes to give more flexible and functional designs.

WORK Emotion CR-3P

WORK Meister CR01

WORK Meister S1-3P

WORK Meister L1-3P


WORK Equip 40

How Are 2-Piece Wheels Made?

The barrel and disc are moulded and constructed separately. The two pieces are then welded together. This allows the wheel offset to be specially altered by millimetres to suit the ideal position of the disc face.

WORK Meister S1R

WORK Emotion T5R-2P

WORK Emitz

WORK Meister S1-3P

WORK Emotion CR-2P

WORK Emotion T7R-2P

How Are 1-Piece Wheels Made?

The disc and barrel are moulded together to create a 1-piece wheel unit for long-lasting rigidity. This also makes each wheel more simple and easy to manufacture, making it a cost-efficient product for both manufacturers and consumers.

WORK Emotion T5R

WORK Gnosis FMB02

WORK Emotion Kiwami

WORK Emotion ZR10

WORK Emotion T7R

WORK Emotion M8R

Choose From Thousands of Custom Colour Combinations

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Why Choose Work Wheels?

Spread The Cost With Finance

Can't get the wheels you want right now? Our 0% interest UK finance options could be the answer to you making your dream wheels a reality!

The Work That Goes Into Our Wheels

Every wheel is created using the perfect combination of high-tech machinery and unique processes by true wheel experts.

Crafted With Pride

Built to your spec so you get strong, accurate, beautiful wheels produced with the pride and attention you expect from traditional craftsmen.

Latest Wheel Releases

Here at Work we are constantly working to innovate, update and introduce new designs to our range. If you're after our very latest wheel creations, you'll find them all available to buy right here.


3-Piece Construction

Gnosis IS105

Lanvec LS10

Lanvec LM7

Gnosis GSR1