Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on a number of factors. If you have ordered one-piece wheels from the Emotion range, WORK Wheels in Japan will often have them in stock and ready to go. Wheels that just require painting can take up to three to four weeks to be manufactured, while Emotions in less common PCDs and finishes can take significantly longer. If you have ordered custom two or three-piece wheels, there will usually be a lead time of between three and eight weeks before they will be ready to leave Japan.

Once the wheels have been received by us in the UK, we'll aim to get them out to you immediately!

This is all down to personal preference and depends on your ride height, bodywork modifications and the overall look that you are going for. Whether you've got a relatively standard road car, a track toy or an all-out show car, we can help you choose the perfect set of wheels. To experiment with different widths, offsets and tyre sizes, visit and give the virtual wheel fitment simulator a go.

One-piece wheels are the lightweight and affordable choice and are available in a variety of styles. Width and offsets are limited to popular options but, like most of the WORK range, PCDs are still customisable.

Two-piece models are produced with the lips and barrels as one which, along with the faces, are then welded together. This allows for offsets and lip measurements to be selected in single millimetre increments, offering unparalleled levels of customisation.

Three-piece models are made up of a lip, a face and a barrel which are assembled and then bolted together. This means they are available in a huge variety of widths and offsets with customisable barrel and lip sizes. A big advantage of three piece wheels is that each part is replaceable, meaning that future refurbs, repairs or spec changes are all possible.

PCD is the stud or bolt pattern that your car's hubs use for you to mount your wheels to them. There are numerous PCDs and different manufacturers tend to use different configurations - you need to confirm your car's PCD prior to ordering your WORK wheels to ensure that they'll fit. Common PCDs include 5x114.3 (some Nissans & Toyotas), 5x120 (most BMWs) and 4x100 (older generation Hondas) - the first number denotes the number of studs/bolts and the second number refers to the distance between the studs/bolts. If you don't know your car's PCD, please don't hesitate to ask and we will do our best to help.

Offsets are an important factor to consider when selecting wheels. They affect both the appearance of the wheels and, most importantly, how they will sit on the car.

Lower offsets typically offer a larger lip or a more concave face and will provide a more aggressive fitment, pushing the wheels further out from the centre of the car.

Higher offsets do the opposite, bringing the wheel further into the arch and offering more clearance from the car's bodywork. This means that few arch modifications will be required, if any.

WORK wheels are sold individually so should you damage one beyond repair, we will be able to help to supply an identical replacement (please note that this won't usually be possible with discountinued wheels). If you have only damaged the lip on a three-piece wheel, you can remove the lip and replace it with a new one supplied from WORK, without having to replace the entire wheel.

WORK Wheels are sold with a two year warranty covering paintwork and a three year warranty covering manufacturing-related issues.

None at all! The price you pay at the checkout is what you pay and this covers the cost of the wheels and the delivery charge to send them to your specified address. The cost of importing the wheels from Japan (and any subsequent customs fees) is all covered by ourselves.

If you are a UK resident and pass the necessary credit checks then yes, you can buy your WORK wheels on 0% finance with a minimum deposit of 10%. Your first instalment will be taken thirty days after your wheels have been delivered but please note that the wheels must be delivered to (and signed for) at your registered delivery address.